Change Your Life
through Surfing

Change Your Life
Through Surfing

Surf-based power-skills learning and community support for stuck managers to find clarity, purpose, and confidence to create their dream life

Designed for impact-focused professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs,
with or without surfing experience

Overcome the hidden mindset blocks that keep you stuck

It’s not like you don’t have what it takes. You have achieved a certain level of success that looks good on paper. However, you are now aiming for a greater objective: to live a life driven by your passions on your own conditions. The question is, how do you get started?

You know you have tremendous value to share with the world but you’re feeling stuck because:

You’re overwhelmed by uncertainty and paralyzed because you want to take the “right” next step.

You are scared that taking the leap would mean failure, rejection, and losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

You are fed up with waiting while people with less experience, money, and talent seem to be making big moves.

If your answers are yes to most, if not all, of those points, then the MindSurf Experience is Exactly what you need.

Take the biggest adventure of all of them

Learn to Surf the wave of life

The MindSurf Experiences

The MindSurf Experiences are Surf retreats where we use Surfing as a way to teach you skills like growth mindset, resilience and confidence to bring positive change to your personal and professional life.

We combine surf experiences and community session programs to help you unlock your potential and create a fulfilling future.

We believe in learning by doing,
and while having fun

The MindSurf Experiences offers a unique approach to personal development. We use experiential education with hands-on learning using the power of Surfing waves. No matter what your surfing level is, every day, we take you surfing and teach you a new skill.

Our program includes a community support membership to help you maintain momentum and engagement as you work towards achieving your objectives.

& Learn Skills

the Community

Your life

Autumn 2024

The MindSurf Experience Morocco

Starting at $ 1899 USD/pax. Limited to 8 spots

  • Six nights accommodation
  • 3 meals/day + afternoon snack
  • Drinking water
  • 8 hours of surf lessons
  • Over 12 hours of group workshops

  • 1-hour individual coaching
  • Airport transfers to/from Agadir

Discover How To overcome your Fears, Identify Your Core Values, Make better Decisions,
And Design A Life That Finally Feels Like You

If you want to go after your dream life confidently, launch your business, or positively impact thousands of lives while attracting abundance and freedom, the MindSurf Experiences is the right retreat to reframe your fears and gain confidence and clarity quickly.

Go from: “I feel stuck and uncertain. I don’t know where to start.”

To: “My path is so clear I can’t ignore it even if I tried. I’m excited to get started!”

I am literally living my purpose because of what you taught me.

Josselyn Alabi, Athlete & Entrepreneur

Your coaching set me up for some very special things in my life.

Rob Noble, Managing Director at Runway

Working with Dris was a game-changer in my life!

Patrick Horstmann, Senior Account Executive
Surfing Retreat Bali

Dris helped me gain clarity for my life path and career.

Rochelle A. Santiago, Head of Central Operations at Google
Surfing retreat Bali

Dris helped me redefine my purpose

Helen Worrall CPsychol., Senior Consultant, Cappfinity

Surfing has many parallels with life,
which makes it the best practice to learn life skills

Surfing is a powerful learning medium because it offers many parallels with life, engages multiple senses for learning and memory.

By participating in MindSurf Experiences, you can learn the skills you need to thrive.

Surfing with Sartre Book

“What the surfer knows, in knowing how to ride a wave, bears on questions for the ages — about freedom, control, happiness, society, our relation to nature, the value of work, and the very meaning of life.”

Aaron James
Harvard Professor of Philosophy

Surfing Timothy Leary American psychologist

“Surfers are truly advanced people who are evolutionary for their general appreciation of waves and change. Many surfers become mystics. The surfing act is almost Taoist poetry. Almost Einsteinan.

Timothy Leary
American Psychologist

Our 4 Growth Pillars

Pillar # 1


We use surfing as a base to teach you power skills like adaptability, growth mindset, grit, resilience, and confidence, which are essential to your success.

  • Surf sessions

  • Personal development

  • Experimental skill learning

Pillar # 2


We blend techniques from sports performance psychology, NLP, positive psychology, and mindfulness to help you unlock your full potential.

  • Lectures

  • Workshops

  • Learning material

Pillar # 3


We teach what it takes to master resilience and how to engage the body and the mind to improve your grit, strength, and health to pursue your dreams.

  • Longevity

  • Energy boosting

  • Mood & Drive enhancement

Pillar # 4


Join a MindSurf Experience and get a one-year community membership access where monthly online sessions are hosted and facilitated by Coach Dris and community members, to support you during your journey.

  • 1-year community membership

  • Monthly group sessions

  • Guest speakers

Who needs to Surf the Wave of Change?

The MindSurf Experiences offer a unique opportunity for managers seeking a transformative breakthrough. Designed with precision and intentionality, these experiences are tailored to help high-level managers who are transitioning to a more fulfilling and successful life.

By engaging in immersive Surfing, you can explore your strengths and weaknesses, develop the right mindset, and challenge yourself to get clear and transform your future.

This is for you if

  • You’re ready for guidance, tough love and support on this journey
  • You want clarity on the best way to leverage your unique talents to create your next chapter
  • You are committed to building long-term and sustainable growth in all areas (mind, body, soul, abundance)
  • You want to feel unshakeable trust and confidence in yourself
  • You want accountability to take real action

This is NOT for you if

  • You just want someone to “tell you what to do” instead of asking the deeper questions
  • You already have your dream life, deeply trust yourself, and very clear on your life purpose
  • You want the quickest way to make money but not interested in understanding how you’re best serving the world
  • You think you already know everything, judgemental, and not open to growth
  • You want to do everything yourself

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I am Coach Dris 👋

I have made it my mission to empower ambitious people to become their very best.

I have been a high-level manager, start-up founder, and athlete, and I have learned the hard way what it feels like to be stuck, work hectically, and live aimlessly. I experienced depression, burnout, and anxiety. On my way to recovery, I learned everything about finding meaning and purpose, energy management, and sustained positive change, which I now share with others.

Surfing has been a big part of my journey. When I hit rock bottom, I realized that surfing had already taught me a lot, which helped me recover and get stronger.

I have been surfing for over 20 years. Surfing taught me how to develop a growth mindset, and gain confidence and appreciation for what life offers. I learned grit and resilience. I learned to step out of my comfort zone, cultivate courage and stay calm under pressure when chaos is all over, and trust me; the ocean can be pretty mad! Surfing taught me how to seize the opportunity when it presents itself and leverage it. Surfing is all about timing, being in the right place, and the right moment to take off and ride.

I realized that riding ocean waves is similar to riding life waves.

I now combine what I learned from surfing and traditional coaching techniques to empower ambitious people to find meaning in their life. My coaching approach is multidisciplinary. I am methodical and practical. I only use strategies and tools that are backed up by science.

I have supported CEOs, Professional Athletes, Executives, Teams, and Entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their full potential and create more impact in their world.

My uniqueness is combining what I learned from surfing with coaching techniques. I can see systems and processes in a way that people would appreciate and which can show them possibilities where they can’t.

Mind Surf Experience Head Coach
Surf and life coaching with coach dris

Join The Next MindSurf Experience

Surf the wave of change




  • A life changing MindSurf Experience

  • 1-year MindSurf community membership

  • Monthly 180min cohort sessions 

  • 4x30min individual coaching sessions

  • Guest speakers on relevant topics

  • Learning material & book recommendation

  • Find support in a community of like-minded

  • Find clarity and a sense of direction

  • Feel empowered and strong

  • Learn strategies for sustainable performance

  • Improve your mindset & outlook on life

  • Learn to surf and maybe get hooked

Autumn 2024

The MindSurf Experience Morocco

Starting at $ 1899 USD/pax. Limited to 8 spots

  • Six nights accommodation
  • 3 meals/day + afternoon snack
  • Drinking water
  • 8 hours of surf lessons
  • Over 15 hours of group workshops
  • 1-hour individual coaching
  • Airport transfers to/from Agadir
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